Ningbo Yoeyi Building Material Co., Ltd., the predecessor of a building material enterprise is a founded in 2000, for plastics processing and building materials enterprises.Have a mature plastics processing and mold manufacturing technology.As a professional production of plastic building materials manufacture,its own brand-Yoeyi PP-R pipes and fittings for its excellent image of the product, good price, won the majority of consumers' love in the market.Company followed a policy of "always pursue first-class quality" of the brand concept, in order to serve the community as any, is committed to the development of design and production for new building material .
In order to be assured of the consumers for the pipe products,Our company adopted the world-class production equipment, raw materials, high-quality, mature technology, strict testing equipment and standardized management,which created first-class products,so as to assure Yoeyi-customer bying believeable products.

PP-R pipe originated in Western Europe, because of their long life duration, easy to install,don't give rise to any pollution to promote the using of green building material quickly. Chinese used PP-R pipe from 1997, in recent years through constant training and market promotion, PP-R pipe system ushered in booming development opportunitives in our country. A huge market space, while the products are becoming more mature. State departments have been issued with the relevant provisions, since June 2000 in new residential focus will be to prohibit the cold galvanized pipe for water supply pipelin, and gradually

restrictions on the use of hot dip galvanized steel pipe, promted the use of the new PP-R pipe.
Ningbo YoeYi mainly trade PP-R pipe series and tradition of galvanized pipe. Comparison PVC pipe, it is a healthy environment, easy to install, long life duration, low-cost integrated. Ningbo Yoeyi as a rising star in pipeline industry will be into the tens of thousand of households for its human nature marketing idea and excellent value.

Ningbo Yoeyi Building Material Co., Ltd
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