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Gravure printing from the packaging machine to see the development of domestic
Summary:Gravure printing as a very important way, with a wide range of printing materials, wide format printing, print quality, good sense, the level of rich
Gravure printing as a very important way, with a wide range of printing materials, wide format printing, print quality, good sense, the level of rich, good dot reproduction, and has some characteristics such as security, in the packaging printing with other printing methods irreplaceable advantages. The past 10 years, gravure printing industry in China has made encouraging achievements, especially in the plastic film, aluminum foil, roll paper and cardboard and other packaging and printing field has undergone considerable development. Now and in the future for a long period of time, the field of gravure printing in the packaging is an important role in the printing.
    Gravure printing machine made now to analyze the circumstances of:
    First, the domestic production of gravure printing machine status
    Gravure printing machines in general domestic and international level also has a gap.
      Gravure printing machine from the development of domestic history, the domestic development of flexible packaging printing a late start. Italy 1 Taiwan Gravure produced in 1947, and in 1968 developed the first film gravure printing machine 1 set. In 1956, Italian exports of products to the United States in 1975 exported to Japan, and Japan in 1977 produced the first 1 set gravure press, then the speed can reach 150m/min. However, China only produced in the early 70s gravure press, then the model is limited to the satellite and a low-speed rotary models. The real speed 150m/min Unit type model is developed only after 1995, out.
      Look at the technical level there are gaps, especially the development of high-speed, wide of the gravure press. Many domestic manufacturers of gravure printing machines, but the uneven level of design and production, in only a few high-end and medium-sized enterprises gravure press can produce.
      In terms of manufacturing from the production, although few big manufacturing companies have a strong mechanical processing ability, high-end imported machining centers and CNC machine tools, but only a few parts on the machine tool was more than 70% of the parts or In general machine tools to machine-made. Also a lot of manufacturers of domestic processing equipment failure, such as precision gear grinding machine is not processing. Although the gear without grinding process can work, but it will bring many problems, such as shortening the life of gears, the noise generated when high-speed operation, oil consumption is too high. As many domestic small businesses do not keep up with the mechanical processing capacity, there is no outer GADING with good test equipment, product quality can not be a good guarantee.
      From the use of performance comparison, although the quality of printed products, such as registration precision and color printing in terms of reducing the gap smaller, but the accuracy and reliability of automatic control with imported machines still a big gap, particularly gravure printing machine is a domestic run-in period is too long to really achieve the stability of the machine about a year, during the year such as the individual gear wear prone to serious, guide roll beat, locking, rubber roller bearing damage and so on.
    Second, the domestic market situation of gravure
      90 years later, the domestic companies in packaging and printing industries are springing up all over the big Tingnan North, but the gravure market has significant regional and levels, nearly two years formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin as the representative of the packaging printing base.
      Gravure market, mainly regional are: Printing the southeast coastal provinces and cities in the number of firms are more advanced equipment and technology generally strong economic strength. Mainly in: Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning and Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hebei Ting has formed a number of areas such as packaging and printing base, according to statistics of the flexible packaging printing plant in Guangdong province more than 1000, and a larger proportion of the stronger companies.
      Gravure printing is mainly reflected the level of the market: First, sources of technology and equipment levels, both the world's most advanced equipment, there are a large number of common manufacturer's products. Second, the level of demand, China is a developing country, uneven regional development, demand a great difference.
      Current domestic production of major manufacturers to meet the most basic gravure printed packaging requirements and product range, the formation of a certain scale, there has been a predominantly northern Shaanxi leading enterprises, the annual production capacity to gradually increase. More good news is that China has a gravure printing machine export to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.
      China is a populous country, packaging and printing market potential is very large, paper, plastic packaging in many areas play an increasingly important role, such as convenience food, confectionery, dairy products (milk solids, liquid milk), beverages and liquor, food, condiments, meat, aquatic products and canned food, daily chemical products, chemicals, pet food, medicines, plastic labels, flexible packaging bags and other infusion plastic packaging of these products can not be separated.
    Third, the direction of development of domestic gravure printing machine
      In the past 10 years, our country on the basis of the introduction of equipment, through digestion and absorption, imitation and self-development, the development in gravure press has made great progress, but to make homemade gravure fast, healthy and sustainable development in the following areas need to make long-term efforts.
    1. Gravure printing machines to improve performance
      It includes improving the speed, stability and reliability. Gravure printing speed is an important performance index. Gravure printing machines made in the most fastest speed 180m/min the following, only a few manufacturers of some products can reach 220m/min (such as Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Y101 series, Y112 series, Y130 series, Y108 series, Y109 series etc.), while the foreign rate is the most common 200-350nffmin, European manufacturers can achieve a maximum speed 500m/rnin, these speed indicators refer to flexible packaging gravure machine, gravure printing rather than paper and board machine, which has reached the speed of 1000m/min. Following the international death are all recognized as 200m/min speed ,200-350m / rain for the medium-speed, 350m/min or more to be regarded as high-speed machine. We should formulate the development objectives of this song, determine equipment quality.
      Improve the stability and speed complementary, is that all manufacturers face the common task. Gravure printing machine-made high-speed stability and reliability, and low-speed, especially when the discharge cut Shihai to be improved. Enterprise applications in the European part of the free shaft drive technology, compared with the traditional model eliminates the need for registering compensation mechanism to reduce the mechanical transmission errors and improving the stability of the machine, the machine up, spin-down time to maintain register Gravure printing machine on behalf of the world advanced level of Italian VALMET-ROTOMEC shaft gravure company, since 1996 in the United States to install a 52 "(about 1.32m) wide, six-color gravure printing machine shaft after he in 1999, won the Award for the highest quality gravure printing equipment "Golden Drum Award." DRUPA exhibition in 2000, the national users and producers will gather in the sun shaft drive technology for the development for this technology and all kinds of Gang The combination of printing, will bring great changes in the printing industry, its application is growing short version of the current best solution for live markets. At present, initial grasp of the technology, Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Company had 2003 launched in July China's first high-speed shaft drive gravure printing paper jam.
    With the traditional mechanical axis Gravure Machine, the new shaft gravure press has the following advantages:
    1) The paper path length decreased by 20%, shorten the time to wear paper, the device footprint reduction;
    2) shorten the pre-registration time;
    3) improve the precision of high speed register;
    4) In the case of acceleration and deceleration available to qualified register:
    5) The plate cylinder no longer need to set the increment value.
       At the same time this form of gravure printing machine gravure printing machine speed is not comparable to other forms, we should be based on the actual situation, and actively develop non-axis products, efforts to improve the gravure printing machine to make thousands of job stability and reliability.
    2. Development aid to improve print quality
      In addition to improving the quality of printing machines themselves to rely on precision parts manufacturing, installation accuracy, the more important thing is to rely on random auxiliary equipment to control the printing quality. A variety of machine control systems such as automatic registration control system, the ink viscosity control system, still image observation system, online print quality inspection system, gravure machine monitoring system and automatic tension control system, are used to control printing quality. Other special components such as the closing material drying system, correction system is to improve the printing quality of services. The current high-end domestic machines are applied automatically gravure press register control systems, image observation system, online print quality inspection system, automatic tension control system, receiving drying system, such as Shaanxi's high-end models except the North ink viscosity control system, mentioned above are applied to the machine.
    3. Reduce energy consumption and increase machine utilization
      Many domestic gravure machine drying system uses electric heating, this drying method has many advantages, but its biggest drawback is that the energy consumption of a large, if we transform the electric heating system for the steam heating or gas heating system, energy consumption for will be greatly reduced. Improve machine utilization is mainly to improve the utilization of production time and energy utilization. If the fault diagnosis system, print car, automatic register control systems. Fault diagnosis system can reduce the troubleshooting time; print car can quickly locate the installation, replacement of the plate cylinder convenient; tension on the tension of pre-treatment system can be pre-set; operating integrated soft rack system can print pressure, drying temperature, wind speed, etc. parameter settings, easy to re-direct calls to the time of printing, improve time efficiency; by circulating drying system can improve energy efficiency. Reduce energy consumption, increased machine utilization, are conducive to lower printing costs.
    4. Attention to after-sales service
      Service system is the weak link domestic firms, while the truly international companies have established a remote technical service system. Gravure printing machine manufacturers from abroad, the development of experience, service and sales only to companies with long-term occupation in the market. To capture the domestic market, participate in international competition, we must build the perfect service system.
    5. Talent and attract talent
       Good design is inseparable from good press design, and printing is a highly professional industry, the design needs of printing professionals. If there is no systematic knowledge of the printing principle deep understanding of things, then it is difficult to design a high-quality, high reliability of the machine. Similarly, the press also needs debugging specialized technical personnel. The current domestic large and medium-sized manufacturing companies press the issue of brain drain exists, which is mainly due to the treatment of technical treatment than other similar industries somewhat less reason. This requires talent, trying to attract talent, while striving to develop their own business the right people, appropriate technical staff to improve wages to attract talent and retain talent, thereby enhancing the level of R & D capability and debugging.
      With economic development, the continuous improvement of living standard, high-grade color printed packaging needs will continue to increase. China's packaging and printing industry can be a double-digit annual growth rate, WTO, the world economic integration to the packaging and printing equipment manufacturers in China business development of the unlimited life. Gravure printing machinery manufacturers China should see this, we must seize the opportunity to seize this opportunity to improve product quality, adjust product structure, increase new product development efforts, in addition to further expand the domestic market share, but also actively to the international market.

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